96 Gallon TOTER® Tote                       64 Gallon TOTER® Tote


We have been proudly serving South Jersey for over 60 years! Our office is filled with real, friendly people waiting to take your calls! We primarily serve the Burlington County area.

We provide prompt weekly curbside service to residents of Burlington County whose townships do not provide service. We also provide service to mobile home communities, townhome communities, apartment complexes and more! We would love the opportunity to service you!


Our curbside collection is still our best option, however,

 we want to supply our customers with every option available.

Refer Your Neighbor, Earn A Credit! 
Bring A Neighbor Back, Earn A Credit!
*Credit One (1) Month Out of Quarter 
Pay annually,
 5% discount Temp Suspsended !!

We use a rolling credit system for those customers who refer multiple new or returning customers.
Customers may redeem (1) one credit per quarter.


**Please Note**

Toter Totes are provided with a one time fee of $100 cost to the customer given that is the service you signed up for. Totes will be delivered when first quarter payment is received and a tote is readily available. Payment must be mailed to our location prior to tote delivery or paid for with a card. If services are cancelled the tote will be collected promptly. All Totes are property of Garden State Removal Company and customers are responsible for the wellness of the can. If the can is lost or damaged, the customer will be responsible for the cost of a new tote. A fee of $150 will be placed on the account if a tote cannot be recovered or damaged beyond use. If cancellation of service is necessary, please send in a cancellation letter via certified mail to P.O. Box 1690 Medford, NJ 08055. No refunds will be issued upon cancellation and a $25 dollar processing fee will be assessed for each account to be closed.